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 +====== The Assessment Approach ======
 +A process capability measurement method is introduced to assess the level of process implementation within an organization.
 +The method determines a capability rating for an organization and assesses each process against product quality characteristics such as functionality, usability, reliability and efficiency.
 +  * The functionality assesses the process compliance, its completeness and suitability.
 +  * The usability mainly focuses on the understandability, learnability and operability aspects of a process.
 +  * The reliability is defined by the process fault tolerance and its maturity.
 +  * The efficiency rates the process performance in terms of time behavior or the resource utilization.
 +Thus, the measurement model delivers the nearest mapping of the framework to the actual processes on an aggregated level.
 +A questionnaire was developed to evaluate applied processes, which is available online at
 +[[http://www.qafoss.org/data/qafoss_model.html|QAfOSS Assessment Model]]
 +Each existing process is evaluated with eight Process Capability Scores (PCS), while maximum eight additional PCSs can be obtained for the evaluated process characteristics, such as functionality (-4 to +4), usability (-1 to +1), reliability (-1 to +1) and efficiency (-2 to +2).
 +“Under fulfillment” is penalized with negative scores, while “over fulfillment” is rewarded. For instance, a poor process may be down-graded to zero. In total, 23 processes are assessed, which gives a maximum of 368 PCSs. An individual importance factor is used to weight the results.
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